Hide your email from Spammers. Avoid being indexed.

email IDs hidden (and counting...)

Spam Protection

Hide your email from bots / crawlers that index email IDs posted publicly on the internet, so that they are protected from spam or phishing.

API Access

We support OAuth 2.0. With API support, you can hide email IDs, search hidden email IDs and delete them programatically. You can even create a personal access token if you do not wish to use a complete OAuth 2.0 authentication.


reCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that protects your website from spam and abuse. All reveal requests are validated by reCAPTCHA before the email ID is displayed on screen.

How It Works

When an email ID is added to our system we return an email link and a masked email ID. The masked email ID can be shown to the user with a hyperlink that we generate. When the user clicks on the link, reCAPTCHA will analyse the request and show the email ID, if the requester is not a bot. E.g. Go ahead, try this: mathe*****@gmail.com


All email IDs being hidden are stored with enterprise grade AES 256 encryption. This makes sure that even if a hacker gains access to our database, retrieving the email IDs would be near to impossible.